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  • Product Name : Analyze Inspection for Energy-saving Briquetting Machine
    Size : 290 type
    Country of Origin : China
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  • Energy-saving briquette machine or energy-saving briquetting machine can save energy and protect the environment and the final products are convenient to be transported, thus improving the utilization of the waste materials and have excellent economic and social benefits. Briquette machines and its spare parts through the inspection process and determine the technical conditions to take measures, and through the test and determine the technical quality after maintenance. In the process of detection, the parts are commonly to check one by one, its main content is divided into the following several aspects:

    Energy-saving briquetting machine

    1. Hidden defects inspection for the briquetting press machine:

    In the energy-saving briquette machines production process, the internal can exist some original defects.such as slag, voids, etc. In the usage, the machine may produce microscopic cracks. These defects will not be directly found from the general inspection and testing, but it will probably have serious results for the briquette making machine, so in the briquette machine inspection process, it is necessary to the purpose of comprehensive detection for the briquette maker.

    2. The mechanical function inspection for the briquetting machine:

    According to the characteristics of the briquette machine’s inspection, except inspect the material mechanical function’s hardness for the briquette machine’s parts, other goals are generally no checked. But some functions meet in the briquette machines production and inspection, such as the state of equilibrium, the spring stiffness, there should be rigorous testing requirements.

    3. Geometric precision inspection for the briquette machines parts:

    Geometric precision includes dimensional precision and shape and position precision, but sometimes the work of the inspection is not to single geometry dimension of the briquette machines (http://www.ballpress-machine.com/p-10.html) parts, but requires relative precision, which is the most important aspect of the testing process .

    4. The surface quality inspection for the briquette making machines parts:

    In the inspection process, the surface quality inspection for the briquette machines not only inspect the surface finish, but also pay attention that if used briquette machine’s surface has scratches, burning and galling, and other defects.

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